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Indigo Imprints by Jaypore
Dabu-printed, natural-dyed cotton khadi and cotton apparel

A series of processes strung together with deft hands - coloring, printing, washing and drying a piece of fabric result in the understated elegance of Dabu, a print that can light up a kurta or a skirt with equal ease. A mud-resist printing technique, Dabu is mostly made by the Chippa community of Rajasthan who use traditional motifs like the floral surajmukhi, chakri and gendaor geometrics like chaupar, chatai and kangura to adorn fabric dyed with natural colors from indigo, madder, pomegranate peeland harda. Printed with wood blocks, dyed, liberally splashed with sawdust and finally taken through several washing and drying cycles makes Dabu that irresistible fabric that your wardrobe couldn’t do without. With this Dabu-printed array, colored with natural dyes like indigo and madder, Jaypore brings you impeccably tailored and updated silhouettes that reflect the label’s subtle aesthetic and keep the outfits fresh, fun and functional.