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Jaypore presents unparalleled craftsmanship and traditional designs. The sole aim of Jaypore is to make accessible these masterpieces to people worldwide at a fair price. Apart from buying apparel, jewelry, accessories, home textiles and more, there are gorgeous necklaces for women to choose from. Jaypore features beaded necklaces, bedecked with colorful beads and feathers, these go perfectly with sarees for an elegant look. Intricately crafted around 50 years ago in the heart of paradise on Earth, Kashmir, these vintage pieces of art will rake in a million compliments for your unique taste. This stylish collection of women’s necklaces will make way to your jewelry box by simply logging onto the website. Vintage Necklaces pair beautifully with long skirts, all the more reason to buy more than one! These Tribal necklaces will surely steal your heart with its eye-catching designs, semi-precious stones and vibrant colors. Going necklace online gives you the opportunity to buy them with a single click while sitting comfortably at home. Perfect for the wedding season, one of the designer necklace is available on discounted price. Tribal necklaces add boho-chic to all the traditional outfits like Lehangas or Kurtas. Wearing fashion Jewelry necklaces is amongst the preferred choice of every woman because it is a matter of following latest and upcoming trends. Flowers attract everyone and jewelry being no exception to it. This silver floral necklace from Amrapali is like chancing upon a precious gem in a forest – beautiful, priceless and now yours. If you think 7 days wait time is too long then you are at the right place because we dispatch the products within 3-5 working days. We appreciate your patience and thrive to make these fashion necklaces available to you at the earliest.