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Jaypore is synonymous with the beloved crafts of India. Various craftsmen from across the nation come together to showcase their talents of traditional weaving techniques and crafts to bring forward this collection of arresting shirts for women. These women shirts combine age-old elements with a contemporary design language. You will love the cotton shirts that are tie-dyed by hand and woven on looms, perfect wonders of joy for a textile connoisseur. With vibrant tones of red, green, orange and more, these ladies shirts will give your outfit an extra touch of refinement and these also pair elegantly with jeans or palazzos. Cold weather is here to stay but we've got you covered with this collection of modish Knitted shrugs. Jaypore presents shrugs for women to wrap up in style and escape the wrath of the winter season. These ladies shrugs, available in XS, S, M, L and XL sizes and the wool shrugs, available in enticing color combinations of maroon and indigo showcase intricate and traditional block prints that embodies a beautiful picturesque of Indian crafts.