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  • Picture Books Set of 4
  • Picture Books Set of 4
  • Picture Books Set of 4
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Picture Books Set of 4
Picture Books Set of 4
Picture Books Set of 4

Picture Books Set of 4


  • Ari: Ari is thrilled when the teacher announces that the class will stage The Lion and the Mouse.He knows he'll make a wonderful lion - even his name means 'lion'! But shy little Ari is neither noticed nor chosen. He goes home disappointed, but suddenly in his room a roaring, growling, prowling creature comes to life.. and a small, squeaky one too! The flat illustrative style with its strong kitschy palette gets away from usual depictions of the 'soft, sensitive' child, and captures the energy and fun of play-acting.
  • Pages:24, Soft Cover
  • Appaka: Little Nonnu's world revolves around her goat, Appaka. Soft as cotton, Appaka loves to munch on jackfruit leaves and play with Nonnu and her friends. One day, Nonnu returns home from school to find Appaka missing! What will she do without her best friend'
  • Pages:28, Soft
  • Little i : Little i hops out of the computer to play with her friends but they are too busy. Peeved, she decides to have her own fun ' zapping letters and making them disappear. What follows is complete confusion! Suniti Namjoshi is always pushing readers, young and old, to think. In Little i she is back with the familiar cast ' Aditi, Monkeyji, Siril the ant, and Beautiful the elephant ' of her popular Aditi Adventures series, and has them grappling with an intriguing language problem. Bold use of typography and strongly etched characters add zing and energy to this entertaining story.
  • Pages 32, Soft Cover
  • Stories on the Sand: Irfaan has a story in his head. So do Thanh, Suzanne, Wang and others. They write them down on white sand and yellow sand, pebbly and clayey sand... and then what happens to them' Sandhya Rao lyrically evokes the ebb and flow of tales across distant shores. Srividya Natarajans stunning illustrations gather in a sweep, myths, legends and everyday stories across time and place.
  • Pages 24, Soft Cover.

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